Can You Use Nair On Your Pubic Area?


5 Answers

natalie johnson Profile
natalie johnson answered
I agree with Carterj. You don't want a chemical burn.
Jill  Carter Profile
Jill Carter answered
I wouldn't recommend it! I stupidly tried that once and it burned!! Now I just get waxed, which also hurts, but at least there's no chance of chemical burns.
Candace Kane Profile
Candace Kane answered
Yes, but be VERY careful! That stuff burns if you leave it on too long and you definately don't want to get it into the wrong place!
Samantha Quigley Profile
Yes, but be very careful! Don't let it get anywhere near inside, if you know what I mean, it will burn like crazy!
Sarah Profile
Sarah answered
Get the "delicate skin" formula and make sure you don't leave it on too long, or get any inside you. Then it'll be fine.

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