Is Being A Size Zero Sexy?


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As the famous proverb states: 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder'.

I feel that rings true for this question - as everyone will have an individual concept of what they find sexy. Nevertheless, the idea of women being 'size zero' has really split opinion in recent times.

Size zero model debate It may be a bit of a stereotype, but women do seem to spend a significant amount of time worrying about their weight and what they eat.
Whilst it's understandable that women would want to achieve an alluring figure for all number of reasons, it gets a little bit more complicated when there isn't even consensus on what 'an alluring figure' is.

There has been well-publicized criticism aimed at television and the fashion industry for using unnaturally skinny women in glamorous or high-profile roles. It's argued that by doing so, these industries have made a virtue out of what is essentially malnourishment.

Personally, I think it's important to try and understand the dangers associated with using unrealistically (and even dangerously) thin women to model clothing.

The main worry is that young and impressionable girls, influenced by these style-icons, become more likely to fall victim to diseases like bulimia and anorexia 

Size zero sexy? From a man's point of view, I'd suggest that being a size zero doesn't automatically imply beauty at all. In fact, I'd even suggest that a size zero woman might have just as much trouble with self-esteem and 'looking sexy' as an overweight woman might.

I often hear women complaining about how they wish they could lose weight to look like the latest top model, but they seem to forget how many skinny girls complain about not having the curves, breasts or bum of some of their more shapely counterparts.

My view is that women of all sizes have aspects of their bodies that will naturally attract men.
It makes sense to me that they spend time trying to emphasize and make the most of the assets they already posses, rather than worrying too much about what they 'don't look like'.
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I know a woman who is a size 2. She has an unbelievable body. She is 5'2" and has a terrific shape. Everyone's physique is different.
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In years past, size zero didn't exist. It was probably more like a 4. The clothing industry keeps down-sizing garments so that women will think they are smaller and will feel happier purchasing their clothes.

It's sad what we women are brainwashed to believe is desirable or sexy today. In other cultures women are considered beautiful when they are voluptuous, curvy and soft. No bones felt when they are hugged and caressed. Remember Marilyn Monroe, the icon of sensuality, was a size 12 (not sure what that corresponds to today). If you look at her pictures, her body was not skinny or boyish. You don't see muscles that are not softened by the layer of fat that women are supposed to have since time began.

The men that I know are not attracted to size 0 women, but to women with "meat on their bones"; women with breasts and hips and a curvy belly. And don't counter with "those women aren't healthy". Those women have the low cholesterol, normal blood pressure and pulse, and muscle strength that is healthy.

Fixating on a particular size is a testament to how we can be manipulated by the clothing industry and others who only have profit in mind. We can surely be better than that!
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No, I think that it is pathetic and it is putting bigger women down!

Models are the worst - they all seem to be size zero or under and it makes the bigger people stressed to think that they can't wear the clothes that the models do because they are too big.

But you don't have to be size zero to be sexy or good looking. As long as you feel comfortable then that's all that matters but size zero is going a bit too far!
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You go girl. Body image issues are causing more and more eating disorders especially for teens. Thanks for keeping it real.
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A size 0 is sexy if a woman is a natural size 0. You cannot kill yourself to be what you are not. You must focus on being healthy and that will make you happy. Don't you see that you are miserable and this is not good for you. You need help and please stop doing that eating disorder thing - it will take your life or make it miserable.
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I am a size 0. I'm 5'1 and I weigh 89 pounds. I have been trying so hard to gain some weight but as soon as I start to I just lose it again.

I have had 2 kids and obviously I have an extremely high metabolism - as do my 3 brothers who are also very thin. I look at other girls who are bigger than me and wish I was built more like them. It's hard to buy jeans that I like because everything cute is in bigger sizes. Some 0's I even have to wear a belt with.

I know there are many guys attracted to me but I'm not sure that it's because I am sexy.

Just some input from a woman who is a size 0...
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I do not know any man alive who thinks that size zero is sexy (never mind a size double zero!). Men don't ogle skinny girls, with sticky-out ribs and no chest in their magazines. They look at full-figured luscious ladies.

The problem is that we see these super-skinny celebs as sex symbols and people we should aspire to be. But the fact is it doesn't make them happier or healthier and it won't do it for you either.

Some girls will naturally have a skinny frame and that's not a problem. As long as they are eating well and staying healthy then that's great. But we are not all the same. Some of us are meant to be the perfect size ten or twelve that our partners love. Sure, stay slim but don't set your sights on zero. Set them on a happy, healthy you.
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I'm only 14, and i see all this size 0 stuff as a complete eye opener, cos of it i have an eating disorder and i cant stop the problem it has caused as i don't have the will power anymore. yes these models should be banned and everything, but they are some peoples idols and we need to prove to them that they shouldn't be or it will be too late for them too
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I'm a size 0 - 5'5  and 94 lbs - and 15, but I have a very small frame so my doctor says I'm healthy. I love to eat and run track. Guys are attracted to me and I do have curves - small but still there. It depends on what type of body you have - everyone is beautiful in their own unique way.
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`Yes, it can be!!!

I don't know how all these people get off telling skinny girls to eat more or criticising them for looking skinny.

Would it be OK to tell a fat/obese/morbidly obese girl that she eats too much and she needs to lose weight or no-one will like how she looks? No-one would say that, so don't criticise how skinny girls look.

Also, ask any guy who he'd rather be gettin frisky with. How many are gonna pick the big girl over the more slender girl? Come on guys! Tell me the truth here...

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