When Were Shoes First Made?


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Shoes existed since ancient times. It was when early man during the time of warmer climates in order to save their feet from the heat used to strap a mat of woven grass or even with an animal hide or even a flat wood to his feet with "thongs" he cut out of animal hide. On the other hand ancient man living in colder climates wanted something more to protect their feet. They used to add some kind of material to the top of the crude sandals. This was done in order to receive extra cover from the cold.

It was during the time of early Egyptians that different styles of sandals came out which were mostly worn by wealthy people. It was from here that man began coming up with various styles and comfort with shoes.
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I think that who ever made shoelaces were pretty smart to invent something so cool.
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There are no records of when the first shoe was made. And because there are no records of who, there obviously aren't any records of when and where.
But I do know that the first records of people wearing shoes was in egypt, and thats where they gained thier fashion based identity.
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I have no clue when shoes first came into existence but I do know folks in bible days were wearing I would say it was a long time ago that shoes were first bought into existence...good luck
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Shoes were first invented when the queen of england was complaining about the sacks that they used as shoes. They used to only be straight instead of curved. She got shoes made that had a curve for comfort on the right and left.
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When the ancient man had to make his way over rocks, he felt the need for covering his feet to protect them. In this way the first shoes were probably invented. Egyptians were the first civilized people to make shoes. They used pads of leather or papyrus which were bound to the foot by two straps. The Romans developed a kind of shoe called "the calceus". This had slits at the side and straps knotted in front.

As far as our modern shoes are concerned, their beginnings can be traced to the Crusaders. The Crusaders went on long pilgrimages so they needed protection for their feet. So it became necessary to create shoes that would last a long time. In time, leather shoes of great beauty began to appear in Italy, France and England. Shoes had always been subject to whims of fashion. At the time of King James I of England, high heels and very soft leathers were fashionable in society.

Shoemaking was brought into the United States in 1629, when Thomas Beard arrived under contract to make shoes for the Pilgrim colony.
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I invented shoes a couple years ago. You all don't recall this and have fond memories of having shoes long before then because I got in a time machine shortly after I invented them, and went back in time to the time of the Egyptians. I left with them my basic design for what could best be described now as sandals.
Thus, this lead to further improvements and now what we have today.
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It is rumoured that Brazilian people invented the first shoes. They would dip their feet in natural liquid latex that comes from a type of tree. The latex would harden and form a flexible barrier that would protect their feet when they would walk threw the wilderness.

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