How Do You Use The Bedazzler?


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Arun Raj answered
A Bedazzler is a famous stud or rhinestone fastening appliance that is used mainly in the fashion world. In fact the Bedazzler had almost become extinct, until recently when it again resurrected to become a fad. The Bedazzler looks like a huge plastic stapler with a round wheel at the bottom.

You can slide the cloth between the arm and the base of the Bedazzler, and press it tightly. In other words, the action is just like using a paper stapler. The Bedazzler can be used practically on any kind of clothing. It is portable equipment that can be moved around without any hassle. You have the option of buying either a single Bedazzler with studs, rhinestones and an instruction set or purchasing a starter-kit. The starter kit is an assortment of rhinestones of different colours, pearl studs, an insertion device, a custom hand instrument, a project book and a set of instructions. You can refer to the project book because it has directions for creating a variety of Bedazzler designs.

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