I Just Recently Got Hired At Arby's. I Have A Job Orientation This Weekend And I Was Wondering What I Should Wear?


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Although you already have the new job at Arby's, you should still dress up nicely for your first day of orientation. You should wear either black or tan pants. Chose a pair of comfortable pants that will allow you to move comfortably.
Then you could wear a nice white shirt. The shirt can be any type of shirt such as a button up shirt, a polo shirt, or a blouse. Just make sure that it is clean and it fits properly. Like the pants, the shirt should allow you to have enough room to move around comfortably.

I would suggest wearing a pair of black shoes that are really comfortable. You are going to be on your feet a lot while working at Arby's, so you will want a pair of really comfortable shoes. Black shoes go with everything and do not show dirt.

This is something basic, yet nice that you can wear on the first day. They will probably give you a uniform or tell you what to wear on the first day of orientation. Good luck.
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I think you should wear something nice like a nice shirt you fell comfortable in and some hells or CUTE flats and a nice purse so they'll think you ar decent. Write back if you like my advice.

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