How Do You Remove A Watch Pin?


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Here's how to remove a standard watch pin or link. The tools you will need are an eyeleteer, a staking stand, a hammer or a pair of pliers.

First, place the watch band on the staking stand or any other holder which is suitable. Then, using an eyeleteer, push the pin linking the watchband in the direction of the arrow. In case the pin is very stiff, tap it out gently with the help of a hammer. Then simply pull out the linking pin using the pliers. The link that you have just pulled can easily be removed form the adjacent link.

If you have a leaf spring coupled type watch pin, then follow the given tips: Using the tweezers, push the leaf spring towards the arrow. Then simply extract the leaf spring with the help of pliers. After doing this, you can easily detach the link from the adjacent pin.

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