I'm 27 Year Old Female. Should I Start Using An Anti-ageing Cream, If So Which Ones Are Best For My Age?


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Yes - please start a skin care routine as soon as possible, including a good quality moisturizer!!! I am almost 42 & wish now I'd started one in my 20's instead of mid to late 30's.  But I cannot get those years back so I do the best with what I have now.  I don't think a moisturizing "cream" is necessary @ your age - but certainly a lighter lotion would work wonders.  Which one you choose depends on lots of factors but "expensive" doesn't necessarily mean "quality". Clinique in dept. Stores have great ones as do Avon & Neutrogena, etc.  Most come with or without scents which is nice for someone like me who is allergic to a lot of scents in cosmetics.  Another piece of advice - start using a GOOD QUALITY eye cream now also...don't wait on that either as the eyes really show signs of age even faster than the rest of the face.  Experiment, play & have fun until you find one you like.  One of the joys of being a woman!!!
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Use a buffing sponge perhaps once a week to remove dead skin ,wash with mild soap and always finish with cold water, definitely drink plenty of water, perhaps adding some fresh lemon juice ,and when discarding that end of cucumber,use it on your skin, I'm sure you will remain beautiful . My mother and grandmother had lovely skin ,I,m not doing so bad either.I,m sure you will remain lovely.. 1 further must ..DO NOT SMOKE this will be very beneficial. Good luck.
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Absolutely...it is never too soon to look after your skin. There are plenty of reasonably priced creams on the market and most of the cheaper ones do just as good a job as the more pricey ones- no need to spend a lot. Drink at least 2 litres of water a day - keep out of the sun and eat a handful of nuts and seeds everyday - your skin will glow!
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I started using Olay products and I'm also 27 years old and I find that they are working for me. But I think its only up to the individual too start whenever they want. I started because I have a lot of stress and I think the stress is making me age faster!! LOL
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As we age, changes occur in the skin as part of normal ageing – but some effects are experienced due to our daily lifestyle. These changes may be slowed if healthy skin care habits are developed to create an effective anti-ageing skin care plan.Select an effective product that doesn’t cause irritation and targets your areas of concern (dark age spots, fine lines, etc.) Products from Dr. Theva are the best-suited skin care products for your particular skin type. Always buy products that are specially formulated for your type of skin (sensitive skin, dry skin or oily skin). Always read the product label information carefully for any information regarding allergies or potential skin irritants.

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My doctor have recommended me antioxidants that fights early skin aging. Antioxidants are the remedy that can restrict signs of aging. These substances have the potential to inhibit the symptoms of aging and maintain younger health conditions both internally and externally. Antioxidants work both as neutralizer and preventer against free radicals. Read the article '9 antioxidants that help combat premature skin aging' at zovon.

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I'm an Avon rep in CA-you can go to my website youravon.com/suegill and look around we have some wonderful products for your age group. The order can be shipped direct to you.

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