How can I remove unwanted hair on the face?


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Katie Sutter answered

You can either pluck, or shave it off... But in my experience the safest alternative, without buy lots of expensive products, would be Nair. It's a lotion based product that you put on, and when you wipe it off the hair is dissolved. It works down to the base of the hair, and helps to weaken the follicle itself, to prevent it from coming back.

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jessica mador , Hi!, answered

Use besan and turmeric, which can be found at your local natural food store, to remove unwanted hair, recommends

Besan, which is also referred to as gram flour, is made using chickpeas and is a common ingredient in Indian foods. Besan and turmeric work together to inhibit hair growth. Apply equal parts of each ingredient and mix well. Gently rub the mixture into the problem area. Allow the substance to completely dry and use a warm cloth to wipe away the hair and ingredients.

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