How Long Will The Swelling Last After My Tummy Tuck?


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You will have to wait for approximately six months when you can get your tummy tuck healed completely and all the swellings become things of the past. Though six months is a normal course but the duration sometimes varies from person to person and it is the fitness level of the person that decides the duration of complete healing.

You yourself can make effort to get your tummy tuck healed by following a strict regime for your exercise. The exercise is prescribed by the doctor and it not only makes your swellings get healed but helps in lowering the chance of the clotting of blood. It also helps in toning the muscles that is very important for further recuperation of your disease.

One aspect you must keep in your mind is that you should avoid using any vigorous exercise and involve only in moderate exercise.
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Hd tummy tuck 6 months ago tummy feels spongy and numb I ambigger now than before can you help me I'm very low surgen just says give it time

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