What Is Goldtone Jewelry?


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Gold tone Jewelry refers to the jewelry which is coated with gold color but has no gold content. Gold tone jewelry is also known as gold plated jewelry, gold tone jewelry is a   cost effective substitute to actual gold.
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About goldtone jewelry,it say some jewelry plated with gold tone.there have two kinds of circumstances:
1)jewelry plated with real gold:
For example,brass material/silver material jewelry with 18k gold/24k gold plated.its mean "inside/main material is brass or silver,and outside coated 18k/24k gold,the thickness usually is 0.25micron.
2)jewelry plated with imitation gold:
For example,alloy material jewelry with imitation gold plated.its mean "inside material is alloy material,and outside coated imitation gold,like gold color.the plated is more cheaper than above real 18k/24k gold plated.
Please check follow link,that show your real 18k gold plated effect:

hope my answer will help you.
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Jewelry done in a gold color. Gold colored or electroplated, not gold as is measurable in karats. In more clearer terms Jewelry finished with a gold color with almost no appreciable measurement of weight in actual gold.
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Goldtone means it has the look of gold, but it is a metal with a gold finish. The finish wears off over time, and becomes dull. Sometimes turning the finger or other areas green.
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Gold tone means as its name implies,Tone just refers to the color of the metal.
Well not all of the gold tone jewelry will fade away if you do best to take care and preserve it.
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Gold tone jewelry means a metal colored with gold. It doesn't contain actual gold and cannot be measured in karats.

It is also called as gold plated or gold colored or Electroplated jewelry and also Cheap jewelry.

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In Muslim man is not allowed to wear any thing with the slightest content of gold.  Is gold never used in any gold tone finished article?  Based on the answers previously given can a Muslim man wear gold tone watch?

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