Hi, there, I'm planning to do my nose surgery, but don't know any good clinic. Help, please?


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Hi, I had my nose done 9 months ago because of destruction of nasal breathing. But I decided to do this abroad - in Ukraine. The two reasons to do rhinoplasty here https://medcity.ua/en/services/plastic-surgery/rhinoplasty/ are: Professionalism of the surgeons and reasonable prices.

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Jane, thanks!!! You are the only person here who gave me advice not insulted! I have already heard about this clinic!
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You're planning on getting plastic surgery and you're asking a bunch of strangers on the internet who the best plastic surgeon is for the job ,that's just stupid, Here's a thought instead of getting rhinoplasty why don't you go pick yourself up a book on English grammar.

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Did a goat kick you in your nose?

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Get a real picture up so we can see what kind of nose job you need done.

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