What are the tips to choose jewelry for wedding?


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Abeeha Farooq answered

Choosing jewelry is easier than
choosing a wedding dress, so some of the few tips that I would give you are:

Finalize your dress and then match the jewelry with it.

Don’t overdo it. Most of our brides go with multiple pieces of jewelry
which clutters up their appearance. You don’t necessarily have to be minimal
but keep the balance and don’t overdo the look with jewelry.

Your necklace can make or break your wedding look, so make sure to keep
your dress’s neckline in mind when choosing the shape of the necklace.

Think of it as a future investment, but you shouldn’t have to lock it
up after wearing it only once. Go for a design that you can wear later as well.

Lastly, make sure that your jewelry metal matches your dress. Don’t
variate too much when it comes to gemstone colors.

For more details on the tips, you can
read our article on our blog http://blog.bridals.pk/slideshow/the-dos-and-don-ts-of-choosing-your-bridal-jewelry/ and also visit the website for the
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Yin And Yang answered

I agree with Willie!

If you really want a tip to choose jewelry for your wedding.... Go to your Grandmothers jewelry box. It will be special and chances are, sentimental value behind it!

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