how we take care of skin?


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Maheen Sehar answered

Once in a week, I use oil massage or few drops of aroma oil in the
water before taking bath.
I eat lots of vegetables especially leafy veg. ,dal in my food .
I also use home said tips like applying besan and mix with water,
little turmeric and apply as paste all over body and take bath.
Also avoid going out in the afternoon . If necessary then I
carry umbrella with me.Use skin friendly oils and creams.

I also avoid artificial life style and live in simple way.
Prefer home cooked food. When needed then go out to eat
which is once or twice in a month.
Try to limit stress in my mind and read for the tips or
articles in the newspaper or magzines or internet on
how to take care of skin and oneself.

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nazia ali answered

Wash your face every morning and night.
Use a gel cleanser
then a toner
then a moisturizer.
After, put pimple spot treatment on the bad zits.
Throughout the day, use Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Pads.

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Ray Dart answered

Sandpaper and pumice stone.

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