Why is it that nowadays people think it's okay to be obese, I hate when I see a 400lb woman on a tv and everyone is telling her how "big is beautiful and love the body your'e in" no human being should weigh that much what do you guys think?


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Icee Guldiggarz answered

Society has stopped expectations. It's more of the liberal side of society doing it. They've said, "be who you want, be how you want, do what you want, we don't need expectations". The truth is, in order for any human society to cooperate and be used to its full potential, there must be some kind of expectations.

We're also too based on emotions nowadays. Feelings matter way more than actual facts do.

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hey cameron answered

I don't really hear people say things like that. I think we all know how unhealthy being obese is, but I think most obese people know that too and don't need to be told it constantly.

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Michael Poland answered

You need to study the anatomy a little closer. 

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