I was a very attractive and slim petite girl a few years ago and now I am obese. Many guys used to hit on me all the time. NOW, it seems everyone thinks I am an unattractive even if I am young. Does woman weight really matter that much to men?


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As a guy, numbers and sizes are something that i never see nor care, someone's worth is not by their physical appearance but what's in their mind.

Now, caring about fitness and health is one thing! Getting worry about why some guy doesn't hit on you anymore is something else! Maybe that's only me but hitting on people all the time is a rude behavior, and guys hitting on you all the time is not really makes you to be someone, those people who hit on you due your appearance are just bunch of boys who want to use you, and yea most of those hooker boys roll their eyes on certain shapes, the right guy won't care about these majors cause he would like you for who you are not for the sizes of each part of your body.

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Symmetry really matters to people in general.

For those whom are sought out as possible "Mates" it goes to our primitive need for strong genes in the other individual. While this goes both ways, it is especially important to the female.

It doesn't help that our culture glorifies slender women in many forms of mass medium. In a way this tends to "program" the masses into thinking those whom are a few pounds "Over" would not be suitable companions. It's too bad . . . I myself am over weight, but I am sure there is a certain judgment and stigmatism that is attached to that even before people get to know me.

Be happy with yourself, and the right person will see this and be attracted to you.

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Absolutely Yes, especially in America.

Lot of American men and women view your weight as to how "good you are" "if you're attractive".

 Oprah many years back  did a study about weight they had women fill out an online profile and leave out their weight.  Men got the profiles the one question that they asked about the woman was how much you weigh, they didn't  ask about anything else.  The women were  told not to answer. But  talk about their qualities and positive assets and glowing lifestyle, and add height, eye color and education and activities.  The question came back, yeah yeah but how much do you weigh? On the third time the women said I'm a college graduate, I have a job, a car, apartment, I make very good money, I like this, this, this and that.

Finally the men who did answer said in one last response "YOU MUST BE FAT".

Conversations ended. 

On the flip side they did a study and the women were told to say they were prostitutes, trouble with the law, several childrens, no place to live, no money, no car,  no job,  but they were looking for true love, weigh 135-160, drug convictions and some were told to list some disturbing stuff.

Men responded with are you shapely and are sure you're not fat. 

Yes, weight is the most important thing to most American men.

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I was dancing with a girl in a club back in 1997. I thanked the girl i walked by these two other girls one said i would i would do him  ( me) if he lost weight . They didnt think i was listening i went up to both of them and said i wouldnt do either one of you if i did lose weight! They walked out of the club emberassed

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