Have you ever had a wardrobe malfunction or faux pas? You can tell me. I won't laugh.


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Lol! I just recalled a story but it's of my Yang! All well I think this story counts anyways! Lololololololololol!

So we had just started attending our Church and one of the families invited everyone over to the park for their daughters birthday. Someone happened to have a pig skin in the back of their trunk and you all know what happens when you get a bunch of guys and a football together.... They start throwing the ball around. So here is my husband going for the ball. He leaps in the air to catch it and down falls his shorts MOONING the whole congregation!!!! He caught the ball by the way but I think for Christmas that year someone ended up getting him a belt! Lol! I love my Church family!

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I had a close call 36 years ago. The morning we had our baby dedicated at church, I was wearing a half-slip that I had worn throughout my pregnancy.  When I got home twenty minutes later, it fell down around my ankles as soon as I walked in the front door. :)

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Not anything big. I mean, I've left my fly unzipped, but who hasn't?

Although there was one time when I was wearing skinny jeans and they were so tight that they pulled down the back of my underwear a bit and I know a part of my ass was showing (found out later)--I'm still not 100% sure if anyone actually saw anything, but I could've sworn I saw a girl ogling ;)

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No, but there's one funny story I'll never forget.

When I was training for triathlon I used to run 6 or 7 km at lunch time with a stop-over at the pool to swim a few laps. One day, as I was putting my shoes on to run back to work, a group of joggers came in, stripped their shoes, t-shirts and shorts, and dived in. One guy accidentally caught his thumbs in his swimming trunks and slipped them off with his running shorts and, just as he was diving in, one of his mates yelled, "Hey, Joe's in the nuddy."

I wouldn't have believed it was possible for a man to execute a U-turn in the middle of the dive, but I swear that's what he did.

Good fun.

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Wow! You would THINK the air on his junk would have given it away but..... I guess he thought he could get away with it til one of the guys noticed! Lol!
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It was all very quick and he was hyped up from running. He didn't have a clue. If his mates had all been in the water ahead of him he wouldn't have known till he hit the water. THEN he'd have worked it out. :)
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Tried on a puffer coat in a shop. Decided I didn't like it as I looked like the Michelin man. Then to my horror the zip was stuck. Spent an hour in that coat walking up and down trying to jiggle the zip while the security guard gave me funny looks. Eventually, with sweat dripping off the back of my neck and soaking my hair I had to relent, I went into the changing rooms where the sales ladies laughed as they tried to peel the thing off me over the top of my head.

I have actually been stuck in a coat twice and a dress once. The dress I'd put on in the dressing rooms, and contorted myself doing the zip up at the back. I liked it, but when it came to taking it off I contorted myself and my left arm went into spasm (it was agony), so I was stuck and the only thing I could do to avoid embarrassment,  was hope with time my arm would relax. I telephoned my man using the other arm and said "Help! I'm stuck in a dress in Next!" Of course my partner was his empathic self and laughed down the phone.  Anyway, I sat myself down on the stool and eventually managed to get it off. My partner showed up but I was already free.

Zips have not been good to me. I've also turned up at a wedding and another lady was wearing the same dress. 

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