It used to be called flashing nowadays it has become a fad calling it wardrobe malfunction? what do you think?


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I think the whole Janet Jackson incident sparked the new term. It sounds so..............what's the word I'm looking for.........stupid?

I think, let's leave it at flashing, though, to me, that sounds more planned, than accidental.

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I don't wanna see boobies or anything else they show. If the designers would make clothing less revealing and more durable then maybe the wardrobe malfunction's would cease some.

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I think there is too much political correctness nowadays.

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I think most of the "malfunctions" are planned, just for the headlines.

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Walt O'Reagun answered

Two completely different things.

"Flashing" is on purpose.

"Wardrobe malfunction" is an accident.

Some may claim to have a "wardrobe malfunction" when they are actually "flashing".  EG: Not wearing panties, then claiming it was a "wardrobe malfunction".  No, it isn't.  The panties did not fail - you purposefully didn't wear them.  So it's flashing.

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carlos Striker
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Would one say accidental flashing? Too many deliberate wardrobe malfunctions have lost its impact and shock value. It is just cheap hussy trying to get some impact mileage?
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Hi Carlos! These wardrobe malfunctions indeed look made-up! You must have noticed that celebrities always seem to have some sort of issues on the red carpet or whenever they have tons of cameras focused on them! It’s definitely an attention-seeking technique and you will surely agree that it works quite well!

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