Why is it that boys were born with short hair and girls were born with long hair?


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Lard Ass answered

Most babies are born with no hair no matter what sex they are! When a baby does have hair when it's born, it's sex doesn't have anything to do with the length of its hair.

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Janis Haskell answered

My daughter was born with a lot of silvery blonde hair, which is fairly unusual for blondes; but there were several boys in the nursery with very long and thick dark hair.  I don't think the gender plays a part.

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Gender has nothing to do with the amount of hair a baby has when it is first born .. Or for that matter anytime during a person's lifetime.  Genetics determines EVERYTHING about hair colour, texture and length .. Period.

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Cos girls are made of sugar and spice and boys are made of ...... I forget what :/  ... Snakes or snails or something ... I was born bald though. My hairs long now,  so if all worked out.

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I used to babysit a little girl who was born bald and she stayed that way until almost two!

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Hi, babies are born either with short hair or without any
hair. The length does not vary with the sex of the newborn. When they grow up, then
they choose whether they want to keep it long or not. There are many girls with
short hair and some boys keep it long.

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