Are you supposed to wear thermals all day? I’m new to NYC and I bought some comfy thermals (leggings and top). I’m wondering if I’m suppose to wear them all day or take them off when I get to work?


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Ray Dart answered

Standing out in the cold for a remembrance day service this morning, I put on my mountain baselayer for the first time this year. Seems a bit silly wearing a dark and sober suit with mountain gear on underneath.

Shan't bother to change out of it specially now, might take advantage of the fact that I am well-insulated to spend time outside raking up the dead leaves.

If I was going to work, I'd have to get changed out of them, getting a bit hot and sweaty around other people is a bit anti-social........

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There is no hard and fast rule. This is dictated by personal preference that depends on the ambient temperature and environment of your specific place of employment.  It shouldn't take long for you to decide for yourself whether to wear them all day or take them off.

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You should dress for comfort, but respect any dress code that might be in place at your job.

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