Are Women Supposed Wear Bra To Sleep?


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I don't believe it has any effect. I personally do not wear one to sleep, its way more comfortable without it. Some women though may find it more comfortable to sleep in one.
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The purpose of a bra is for support, primarily, and in some cultures, for discretion.  There is on reason one should wear a bra for sleeping unless it is for your own comfort.
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It is believed that sleeping with bra on promotes continued firmness. Some women were a lighter less contracting bra at night, some wear because of being large and it causes better rest.
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Kyoko Katayama answered
No, it's not bad, but it's not necessary, either.  Allow yourself the freedom of not wearing a bra after you get home from work or school and during your sleep.
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Okay well from what I heard your not cause then they wont grow I no this is personal what its true
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Urm I Heard That You are Not Meant To Because It Can Affect Growth But I'm Really Not Sure :S
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Ace Blurper answered
If you're a restless sleeper, you might if you have larger breasts. If you feel you need to, see if you can find one with very thin wire or no wire at all. It does not affect growth whatsoever- I have had to wear a bra to bed since I was thirteen and my size still went up.
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Yes. This is totally unnecessary and will do you no good at all. Recent research shows that bras actually cause sagging and may be responsible for some breast cancers. Therefore, it's best not to wear a bra at all unless you absolutely have to. Certainly, make sure you go braless for at least 12 hours a day to allow the lymph nodes to drain and the chest to expand normally.
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No it is fine, as long as you are comfortable and it is not too tight. Women who are extra large chested, and pregnant/nursing women have to.
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If your breasts are really heavy then supporting them with a bra in bed might help.
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Well I'm not so sure but my stepmother told me that I'm not supposed to and iv'e been doing it and iv'e been just fine

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