I really liked these 2 together. Why was the man with the long-sleeved black shirt waving his hands in front of the lady with the short-sleeved shirt at 2:40-2:42 of this vid? Thanks for answering. :-) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=um_SLWxrOaA


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Dear Can't Wait,

I looked at the video, and the clip seems to be at the end of a wonderful evening of music, and everyone is feeling beautiful and free. The lady in the short-sleeved shirt has just mentioned someone told her she has a nice 'rack,' and by that I think she is saying someone gave her a compliment for her bosom.

Just after that the man in the long-sleeve black shirt moves his hands in front of her chest, and I think he is just agreeing, he is acknowledging that yes he agrees that she does indeed have a lovely body and bosom.

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