Are you suffering from  Weight loss and fitness problems?


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Yes, all the time. I am trying to eat something healthy. I do not why but if I eat something fat I fell not that good in my stomach.  So it is recommended for everyone to care what you eat

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Matt Radiance answered

No. My overall fitness is good and weight is ideal according to my height and physical condition. Every part doing good except few percent of stomach. So have to lose little weight to get fully fit.

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carolyn R.Paul
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oooo thank you
Arifuzzaman Arif
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When you have the jeans on, the opposition feels like it leaves. Try not to be tricked. It hasn't gone anyplace! When you take them off, you will feel lighter on your feet and have a spring in your progression.
Arifuzzaman Arif
Arifuzzaman Arif commented
All-time jeans With this constant resistance, your muscles have to work harder to do the same tasks. Your tendons and ligaments have to work at all times to stabilize this extra workload. THE CONSTANT RESISTANCE FINDS YOUR WEAK AREAS AND FORCES THEM TO BECOME STRONGER.
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John Muller answered

Yes I'm suffereing from the same situation that you have been mentioned above this is quite ridiculous fact that I just eat organic food but still not gain stunning calories, and my weight is too much and needs to calories deficit.If you wants to calculate your weight on daily basis you can use this Weight Loss Calculator,it shows the appropriate results.

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Mikel Joseph answered

Weight loss doesn't happen instantly. Think about it - if you keep up 2 pounds every three weeks, you will have lost those 13 pounds in a little over 4 months! It is going to take a while, and it is going to take a lot of hard work. I suggest you Home remedies for weight loss through this you get more results about weight loss .Keep it up!

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Heat Styling

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Dyes and

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