Does anyone get a bump above their piercings? My nose piercing has a bump above it and it'll go away and then come back. Does anyone know why and how I could get rid of it for good?


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Sounds to me like it is a "keloid" scar. Basically it is scar tissue. You can not get rid of keloid scars and this is something you will want to tell a surgeon if you ever have to have surgery. Go to a doctor and have it checked out. :0)

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As Yin said and Keloid's have a 99.99% chance of getting bigger and are horrific looking scars.

Best to remove the nose piercing immediately and visit a dermatologist.

Remember this, it's your NOSE😳.

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I know of them. My skin biopsies turned into keloid scars. :0(
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Sorry, Yin I know so many people with them, ears, different places on the body. One friend has a terrible scar 5"x2" around her neckline, started from a raised bump. Nothing she can do about it 😳. I have them on my ears, I had to have surgery. Fortunately, they didn't spread or come back.

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