Hey I was just wondering what colours suite me best? I'm very pale with blue/green eyes and my natural colour is a light mousey brown bu my hair colour now is a faded violet. Any help would be muchly appreciated.


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It would be my responsibility to suggest you to wear whatever that makes you happy, delighted and comfortable in your skin. Regardless of any other subject specially people's opinions (sometimes unthinkable nonsense)

But still, in direct answer of your question, if you wanna choose the best colors who might suit you by your natural appearance and psychological dressing affairs. There are little long details to study and remember! Since i don't have all the details. I give you some tips to follow and hopefully to be enough and helpful.

Pale skin, blue eyes (little close to green/in the middle) and brown hair, all are the signs of "Cool" in terms of your undertone skin and coloring.

Cool groups goes with colors such as: Pink/ Mint green/ Purple/Blue/Teal/Turquoise/Silver Jewelry/ and Red. (not a hot strong red, little combined with colors like blue or somehow purple shades)

Tip: One random tip for cool women would be, dressy jeans with hot pink or teal tops can work out nicely.

Also don't drop your appearance's weight on too much lighting shades, a delightful hue of coloring can help you to bring out your natural beauty.

Beside everything, you must consider your personal preferences and emotions too, choose a color that reduce stress within you.

(There's also season coloring along side of "Cool" & "Warm" undertones. Which if you look it up you might get some ideas off of it. You can take help from that ideology to make up your mind)

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