Bath or Shower?


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i have a shower only in my trailer i wish i had a bathtub to relax and take a nice hot bath

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Virginia Lou
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otis I agree SO much...between 1997 and 2011 I had access to shower only, considered that major deprivation...I feel cleaner if I can soak in bathtub.
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Shower of course! Everyday! Bath is good occasionally for self peace and relaxation as well.

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Having a shower every day, but sometimes I take bath,as their effect is not the same, for relaxing is better a bath, then shower is for cleaning everyday's dirty. They are different, as bath takes time and it's good for the health if we can having a bath per week.

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A shower. I don't get how anything can get clean in a bath, and also I need to change temperatures to piping hot for my face and lukewarm for my hair. I can never fill a bathtub without running out of hot water, and if I take a bath I always take a shower after.

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Megan! I am quite fed-up with showers to be frank and I do miss a nice warm
bath with scented bubbles! However, it’s just too hot for here and in the long
run it’s likely to cost a lot in terms of water and electricity. I would still
love to have a tub in my house though! It will get used every now and then as
does help when you are stressed and all!

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