I am 19 y/o and about to turn 20. I am lean and my physical appearance is like a 15 y/o. I haven't yet grown any facial hairs yet too. What are some points or advice or anything you think I should do to improve?


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Matt Radiance answered

1.You need to learn to accept yourself the way you are and stop being obsess with your terms. Your great the way you are and there's no certain term for looking great  or having a good physic etc . . .

2.About hairs, it's your DNA . . Nothing you can do. I met so many people they are above 20 and no hairs yet. My favorite soccer player Ricardo Kaka, Now he's 33 and it's been only two years that he has been growing facial hair.

3.About your physic, you need to first learn about your body's mechanism. It's very important to not have unrealistic expectations. Your body has a type/mechanism/metabolism/ you need to realize it and make sure to follow the right path of gym and work out according to your body type and how your body can take it.

You can check these sites as a help for your body type info and some tip for gym.

4.After knowing your body in a wide perspective. Then what you need is simply a good organized and valid work out/gym program for yourself along with a good nutrition.

Good luck.

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K. B. Baldwin answered

At least the facial hair thing is not something to worry about.  I'm might have been hairier than you, but when I went to boot camp, I could get by with not shaving for two or three days because I had almost no facial hair. 

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Tom Jackson answered

Well, since you ask the question as "Anonymous," we don't know your gender.

So, if you're female, facial hair is not considered an improvement in North American culture.

Perhaps you are worrying for no reason?

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