Should I take a shower once or twice a month?


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Ancient Hippy answered

We should all shower together to save water and we could all wash eachother's backs.

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Didge Doo answered

Showering is a spiritual experience.

You've undoubtedly heard that wearing a clove of garlic around your neck keeps you safe from vampires; failing to shower keeps you safe from everybody, vampires included. Why would you give up all that protection every time you shower?

Stay dirty, stay safe, stay *heh, heh, heh* solitary.

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Lard Ass answered

Ok, ewwwww.

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Taylor Brookes answered

So a lot of people seem to be joking that this is okay, and maybe it is a troll question, but in a serious note: You need to shower more than twice a month.

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Cookie Roma answered

I suppose that depends upon how far away from you, you'd like to keep everyone else.

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Becca Klein answered

Once. You can shower twice but ONLY in case of emergency... But don't use soap, there's no purpose for that.

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ly fen chen answered

That's crazy for showering once or twice by month, actually we need to shower every day, as we should be clean,if no, we have smell and are dirty, so keeping clean for taking shower every day, it's better  and it's good for the health as well.

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Once or twice a month would be considered VERY bad hygiene .. For obvious reasons.  Showering daily would be considered very good hygiene .. So do the math, and decide yourself where you want to be in terms of good or bad.

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