Do you think a woman is insecure of her own look because she is envious and jealous at the same time of another woman's looks because she is better looking? Do you find it sad?


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First, your question is out of standard form. Because you asking if "people would be agree on this or not , then you ask at the end "do you find it sad"  just like you're not asking something but representing a fact, and you asking if that fact is sad or not!!!  What you said is not a fact so there's nothing to be sad about.

No i don't think it that way & that have nothing to do with it. So there's no sadness in here either.

Some women might jealous of another. Only "some" & they have their own personal reasoning & character for it. ( i don't like jealousy & those who jealous at all)

Women's appearance insecurity has several reasons. But other's looks & appearance has nothing to do with it.

Who qualified to tell who's prettier than who ? You ? Me ? Nobody is qualified for that. We call someone beautiful as our own preference. There's no term of calling someone good looking, everyone are good looking. Everyone has their own unique style & appearance. What we express is our personal preference,opinion,desire, & fave, that's all. There's no general rule for being "good looking" so someone be like "hey other's looking better"  i look good in my own way, someone else looking good on their own way. That's what life is about.


-Woman's appearance insecurity comes from "Men" behavior.

"Women is reflection of what men do" , wrong expectations, wrong views, perspectives, words, behaves ect . . .makes women struggle accepting themselves & liking how they look. There's no term of being attractive, such terms created by small minded man that effected woman's mind by time.

Being like that , being like this, having a size like that, having a size like this, i need to make here bigger, i need to make here smaller, i need to make there longer, i need to make here shorter . ..

In the last news i've had, only 2 % of women in a world-average are happy about their looks. That's because as a girl start to grow see the way others expecting, looking, seeing & talking about a female's appearance. And that effects someone's mind & make a women to be insecure & think about "if they are good looking ? If they are attractive enough ? If they are a real female ?  .. . Wrong thoughts, a wrong insecurity because of inappropriate expectations of other people specially men. 

We are who we are, take it or leave it. (we need to work months to make a girl to realize their values and the meaning and confident behind this sentence.

-Other reason of insecurity is being uneducated about how TV,Media,Magazines & shoots works. Some people watch magazine shootings & think, omg what a skin color, what a face  .. That's not fake but's not well explained . . 2.the person also won't look for it.  So as fast as they a woman in magazine, they get insecure that "if they are ideal in skin of a woman in compare of what they seeing. But they don't understand that women in magazine covered with flashlights,highlights, HD cameras with highest zoom clearness technology, and being surrounded by white-fabric reflections and make up/beauty products over their body. So this is a "shooting" it need to become worked out & prefect, it's a "profession" & it suppose to be watched by "millions of people" so it's different & far from a "typical" family picture taking. And if the same girl who watching those magazines and go under those lights & flashes they will look as great as the one they seeing.  But they don't go to earn it's knowledge but they start quickly to question themselves & get insecure.

If any women in the world get insecure of their looks because they jealous of others, it's because of people like you who would call some "Certain shapes" beautiful & call them "looking better than others" so those "others" would jealous cause they would think "what i have less than other girls that they get to be called beautiful & be in center of attention but not me ?"  no reason, the only guild that girl committed is to stuck in a world with bunch of small minded people. That's all.

And several other reasons  . . . .

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Well put. It's sad to see people like the OP bullying women because of how they feel despite the fact that it is people like him who are perpetuating this feeling by saying that certain figures look better than others.
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@Coleman exactly!
@Sin what you represented is really a sad one. dressing inappropriate is something but dressing on purpose of nudity to take attention & imagine that attention is other's love toward you is something else! having nude parts in dressing is not bad, so many dresses design with nakedness of the skin to makes it more pretty, attractive & give a womanly style to the person who wearing it. it's not bad at all. but it depends what kind of dress we taking about! too much nudity is just inappropriate and the attraction-attention it brings is surely physical & lust not emotional and love. but i can't agree with you about magazine part, beauty is also in magazines. nothing in magazines is fake, they normal people like anyone else. it's a just a knowledge we need to earn. you're so good at researching & you like doing it. so i would ask you to research about modeling or shooting of musicians, actors ect . .
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and try to understand it. shooting in a magazine is like when you wanna go to a very big event that hundred of people are invited, you won't go there by your typical look like everyday right ? you need to be formal, you need to take care of your appearance to look as sharp as possible. that's what exactly happening in shooting. they are real beauties, but according to what's appropriate. i can't go & shoot with a red pimple on my face!! i have to use medicine to heal it, use make up powers to cover it, then do the shooting. it's not fake it's self care & being sharp for the photo that gonna be watched by millions of people. hopefully you do the researching & try to understand that magazine shots aren't fake or not being beauty.
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Yes, most girls and women compare them selves to other girls and women. So yes it could be that she is jealous but just know this we are human and its normal to feel that way.

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Women become insecure about their looks because they are compared to other women constantly. Magazines and websites are constantly comparing women. Haven't you seen those "Who wore it best?" articles? They post pictures of women wearing the same outfit and ask people who they think looked best.

Then there are beauty pageants. Women are paraded around in tight fitting gowns and swimwear (while wearing high heels).

From the time girls are little their looks become something that is brought to their attention. People meet little girls and the first thing they comment on is how pretty they are.

What is sad is how the world sets women up to think this way. I am not the most gorgeous woman out there, but I am not the least attractive either. I was raised different than most girls/women of my generation. I am in my 50s and I have always been told how smart I am and that is what was going to take me places, not my looks. I have had tell me I am pretty and I have had women treat me badly because of my looks made them jealous. What is even sadder is that some men use that to manipulate their women.

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