Does body hair reduce as we age? Or do you know any ways to reduce body hair?


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Body hair usually increases as we get older. Furry ears, denser eyebrows, enough nose hair to braid.................

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Sadly .. As our hormones change so does our  hair growth.  It will make hair grow where it didn't use to grow, and will reduce it where it did used to grow.  Just the nature of the beast (so to speak).

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Wax it!

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The only ways to remove excess permanently is electrolysis or laser at a dermatologists office.  The laser only works on dark coloured hair though. See a dermatologist if excess hair is bothering you.

Yes our hair growth does change as we get older, the eyebrows you spent so long plucking now disappear, your hair thins out but then sprouts on your chin.  You don't have to shave your legs very often though so that's a plus.

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Only on the head. The rest of the body is still covered with a pelt of fur.

I've not only gone bald on top, what's left is grey. They grey hair extends down to my sternum -- so far! -- but my arms, legs and torso are still the same brown as when I was younger.

Mrs Didge, who is a gardener, diagnosed it as "dieback", a plant disease that slowly kills a plant from the top down. She said that the only treatment is severe pruning. She's trying to save my life, I know, but when she gets a gleam in her eye while holding a pair of garden shears, I run.  >:-/

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