Do you think women who can be bald and attractive? Give an example if possible. I'm thinking about shaving my head.


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mohammad mahmoudi Profile

NO! Girls are beautiful with their hair (that's just my opinion).

dragonfly forty-six Profile

As a fad, fashion statement, or as a result of a hormone imbalance, I'd say not very attractive.

If someone is recovering from chemo, it's still not attractive. But there is a certain beauty of that person's fight for survival that makes their lack of hair a badge of honor. Also I find it an act of love and empathy when someone does it for someone they love who is sick.

But if we have to go there, I'd say Charlize Theron rocked it in the new Mad Max movie. Demi Moore also looked good in G. I. Jane.

I've had friends over the years who when hormonally imbalanced would cut off all their hair. One friend would call me to talk her out of it. I've wondered if there is a biological or primal reason for that impulse.

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