***Girls Only*** Do you Like Men with Beards? And by beard I don't mean like Robinzon Kruzo.. something more casual 4-5 days older


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Sir, that is not a beard. That is a little boy buzz. A beard is a least 2 inches long and leave little room for skin to seep through.

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Geoff  Hughes
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ok, let's say not 4-5 days even though for some people this amount of time is enough to grow some heavy beards.. ok let's say 1-2 weeks?
DDX Project
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This is a beard. http://i.imgur.com/o9sR2ul.jpg
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Beards are just fine, as long as they are kept clean and groomed well.

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Well my dad even has a little scruff it is uncomfortable kissing him on the cheek saying goodnight...but that's just my dad lol, I've yet to have my first kiss!

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