What type of dresses suit a pear shaped body?


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A pear-shaped body ? Go for something with ruffles on top to draw attention and add volume to the upper area. An attention -grabbing color on top paired <---excuse the pun...with a darker color like black or navy on the bottom.

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Perhaps a more simple bottom like a pencil skirt to show off your curves, but at the same time do a low cut neckline to bring out your curves on your chest, fitted waist to define both of your upper and lower half. This is for, however, if you're looking for an hourglass shape

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Omg pear shaped body!! You should wear a tight, hip hugging dress. It would look so cute but you have to get a dress with good material because if you don't it will look cheap. Also try to get one that doesn't look like, hoeish... I don't really know how to explain that. Definitely no ruffles please!!

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Dressing up is an art and it reflects our taste of selection too. We need to consider various factors while selecting the outfits. It may be according to different occasions or events we are going to attend. But the most important factor while selecting the attire is our body structure. It should gracefully show up our curves. I love the curves dresses designed by popular fashion designers.

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