What things should you consider before getting a tattoo?


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alisa gao , never consider, answered

I love my skin and am afraid of being hurt, so I never consider it is necessary to get tattoo.

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Well there are actually quite a few things to consider before you get a tattoo.

Going under the needle is not a decision to be taken lightly, and even if you might be feeling all "YOLO" one minute, it's best to make sure you're not going to end up feeling "OH NO" next morning...

Checklist of questions to ask yourself before getting tattooed:

  1. Is the tattoo going to match your favorite outfit?
  2. Will it still look good when you're older?
  3. Will this tattoo have any impact on your professional life (if you're planning to work in a sector where visible tattoos could be seen in a negative light - then have a good think about it)
  4. Has anyone else you know got the same/a similar tattoo? You don't want to be THAT person...
  5. Are there any typos in your tattoo?
    As in, you don't want to be the guy walking around with something like this:

  6. If you're going for a Chinese symbol, does it definitely mean what you think it means?

  7. Is it likely to offend anyone? You don't want to pick out that cool little design that looks like a funky ninja star only to realize everyone thinks you've got a swastika permanently imprinted on you...
  8. Is the tattoo artist you are going to reputable? Have you checked out their previous work? Have they done other pieces that are in a similar style to what you want? Or is this going to be unchartered territory for them?
  9. Do you trust the tattoo parlour? Does it appear clean? Have they got all the correct licensing and certification? Does it have a good rep or are there horror stories all over the internet about people who went in there and came out scarred for life?

If you can answer the questions above with some degree of confidence, and your mom says it's definitely ok, then you can probably go ahead with getting inked.

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Do you reall want a tattoo.

-What type of tattoo is it? Innapropriate? Religious?

-Where do you want it?

-Why do you want the tattoo?

-Who will tattoo it?

-Have your parents approved of your decision?

-The tattoo last FOREVER unless you pay thousands to get it removed.

-When you get old and your skin stretches and wrinkles,  your tattoo will stretch and it won't look good.

-How will other people look at you after you get the tattoo? Depending on the criteria above.

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I always wanted to get one. But it is also considered a sin to get one. That is one thing to think about. Now this one doesn't bother me but if some day you decide you don't want it anymore the only way to get rid of it is by surgery . And I hear that those hurt. You should just think about what would be best for you !

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