What are the disadvantages of fashion to youngsters?


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In my opinion, the only disadvantages of fashion when it comes to young people is that clothes can sometimes act as a negative divide between people.

Especially in a school setting, clothes can be seen as a "status symbol" -  where the more expensive or popular clothing trends are seem as acceptable, whereas clothing that doesn't fit that profile can prove unpopular.

Inappropriate fashion

Another issue that is common in schools is the "appropriateness" of certain fashion trends. When most music videos and these days contain scantily clad women dancing in their underwear, it can be easy for impressionable young women to think that dressing this way is appropriate for everyday life.

Fashion and violence

Certain colors and outfits are associated with gangs and violent groups.

Young people may inadvertently get sucked into that world through an admiration for the style and fashion that these lethal subcultures portray.

Fashion and young workers

Finally, young people in third world countries are negatively affected by fashion through the "sweatshops" and inhumane conditions that the fashion industry imposes on young workers in order to trade more profitably and make even more money for themselves.

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Majority of the youngsters always wanted to stay in style. Somehow being in the loop in terms of fashion can be considered as peer pressure. Number one disadvantage for me are those youngsters that are fashion victims. They don't dress according to their body type. Just because it's the trend doesn't mean you have to wear them. 

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You got it right Cassandra. 

What's wrong with youngsters nowadays is that they tend to dress themselves with what's trending.  Also, they have the tendency to copy personalities and fashion of  celebrities. For me, what these kids lack is love for themselves. They have to understand that they don't have to try to be somebody -  they have to be who they are.

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When I was eleven, I thought it was ok to dress exactly like the girls in the "Justice- just for girls" catalog. And now I'm super embarrassed by how I was influenced like that. But it also helps me appreciate that I have a good fashion sense now, and I'm always getting compliments. I went from buying overpriced clothes I would later disown, to finding my own style. Now I always shop clearance and at thrift shops. You can find some real treasures!

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Well, first, let’s see what fashion means:

  1. a popular or the latest style of clothing, hair, decoration, or behaviour.
  2. a manner of doing something.

advantages of it are that it leads to a more harmonic lifestyle -
visually speaking, it celebrates beauty and is inspiring people. Despite
common belief, I think it also leads to individuality, as it encourages
a person to develop their own style basedon fresh trends.

disadvantages would be that sometimes it’s not easy to understand it
and it can cause frustration - body shaming, degradation of self-esteem
as a result of not achieving what’s on trend.

also think that its disadvantages can be avoided by simply reminding
yourself that fashion is about self-expression, everything you’re doing
and wearing must reflect you, but by letting yourself being inspired on
what’s around you.

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