Where's your favorite place to buy clothes?


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Lard Ass Profile
Lard Ass answered

Roamans, online. Everything I order and receive is high quality, well made and fits correctly....No order this size for this shirt and a different size for another....wonderful experiences with them!

Maya Sinha Profile
Maya Sinha answered

Actually I am from India and I like to buy clothes most of the time from India as well because I always prefer to wear Indian and traditional style clothes. I don't like too much funky sunky style. 

ly fen chen Profile
ly fen chen answered

I like some brands of clothes, so I always go to a center that has the brands that I need, as they are in fashion and not too expensive. But the importance is trying what we choose, we can know and see if they fit us or not.

Chips Ters Profile
Chips Ters answered

Hello, the desire to be stylish rarely leaves anyone indifferent. And everyone deals with it in their own way. Someone experiments and achieves his own through trial and error, someone asks for help, and someone prefers to do nothing. Hence the full wardrobe of the same, faceless things. Style always requires effort, and often significant. I can say that Bottegaveneta shopping always offers an excellent selection of fashionable and stylish clothes, this brand is most famous for its leather accessories.

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