What is the best eye wrinkle cream?


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Emily Kristinaa , Hello, answered

In my opinion, Bodyshop anti wrinkle cream is the best cream to get rid of wrinkles in couple of days. The best thing I found in this one cream that its ingredients start working instantly as you apply the cream on your face or body. 

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Ellen kerl answered

I Think enriching eye cream is the best cream. My mom had the worst wrinkles around her eyes and she had bags too... She tried alot of products... My friend recommended this and she started to use it.. Amazing results in just 10 days. For more information visit: Body Ethics Sydney

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Kanika Soni answered

The number of anti-aging products such as anti-wrinkle creams available today in the Indian market, either online or at nearby stores, is quite vast. But that doesn’t mean we end up making wrong choices and silly mistakes. Get the right information on what, how and when to use them. Always consult a dermatologist to make things easier and more meaningful for you. Look good and feel good, but always play it safe.

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