Does anyone know what a realtree prom dress should look like?


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Hi there

It is a special designed dress which it is suitable for prom party, due to her great style and original fitting. Check this link for more details

There I found one great dress for my prom and I was more than delighted. You should try too. There are great high quality dresses with lower prices.


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Hi Raicu Rainer,

It is up to you whether to look for a short one or a long one. There are many websites online can provide you with the best prices and the most beautiful selection in all of the most popular colors and styles. 

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Anything you feel comfortable with not meet with others expectations?

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I'm confused. "realtree" refers to camouflage.

But try this site anyway:

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It is a special designed dress which it is suitable for prom party, I have been doing some research online, I want buy a beautiful prom dresses ,but haven’t made a final decision yet. I have been looking at some dresses on, I usually read the reviews to see what kind of feedback others have left about the quality of fabric, sizing, communication with the seller etc. I am really considering also getting my dress from there so hopefully there’s not rags!

Best of luck!

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