Why Do Boys Love To Know If We Wearing A Thong Or If We Ever Wear Thongs? What's The Point?


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I think it's because guys like to picture us in thongs and it's even better when they actually know we are wearing one. Either way, they're always hoping to get into our pants. It's just the way their minds work.
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Merlin Paine
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This is an extremely good answer You nailed it.......
Merlin Paine
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What is disrespectful about a guy asking a girl if she is wearing a thong or wears thongs. Women like sex too.....If a gal ask a similar question. Would that not be respect also....
Stephanie was here
If a girl were to ask a guy about that kind of thing, then yes it would also be disrespectful. And yes women like sex too...alot. :) I would have to agree with you on that one. But yes, I'm not trying to be sexist here, girls can be disrespectful too.
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Cuz they are jerks
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Stephanie was here
Not all men are jerks. There are a good few.
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J-- C--
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Any male that concerns himself with your undergarments prior to being intimately acquainted with you, is indeed, a jerk.
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They are just pervs thz how all boys are trust me i noe
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As a 58 year old man,i agree with Yarnlady
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LoL, stop playin at Stickam.com. HaHaHa. Every other word there is Thong or Bra. Most of the time if they ask to see it on cam, they are recording you. Boy's are Boy's... The question is, why are girls younger then 14 wearing them? Why would a parent buy them for them? Thongs should be only for 21 or over. HaHaHa... But you will not find me complaining about that one. Long live the Thong and Frenchie...
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It is calledPrurient
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Because they are intimate wear and now they know something intimate about you.  Of course that may be driven by the fact that most boys who are old enough to know about thongs are constantly horney.

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