Im 13 should i use face cream or mousturiser?


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They say that the earlier that you moisturize, the younger looking you become as you age, but this only applies when you have a problem with hydration of your skin. Since you are also entering puberty, it is wise to take care of your skin because this is the time when most teens have breakouts.
BEN GREGO answered
Oh my god I can't believe some of the answers you got! I am a retired makeup artist and can tell you, at your age, you DO NOT want to use a moisturizer! Moisturizers are for people, both men and women, by the way! Over the age of 20 or 21. At your age, your skin is looking the best it will, the skin you have when you are in your teens is the kind of skin 'older' people pay for moisturizers to achieve! PLEASE do not use them for now and if you want to know how your skin will look when you get older, just look at your parents and your grandparents, but at your age, just use a gentle cleanser, like Dove, or Pears, or the store brand of Cetaphil; this is an excellent product that even dermatologists recommend. If you go to any chain drugstore, you will see, right next to the Cetaphil on the shelf, that store's version of it!!  Same ingredients, etc., juat a lower price.if you have any further questions or concerns please don't hesitate to contact me! Always glad to help!
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Nothing wrong with applying creams to better your complexion. Go right ahead.  Make-up however is a totally different story.
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Sure, Why not. Self improvement is a good thing if controlled. Just don't get carried away. I say this cause my GF's bathroom counter is full of different beauty products. Just doing a rough calculation of the cost... Probably more than $500 worth of stuff. Thats what I mean by don't get carried away. O_O
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Definitely. After you wash your face you should use a moisturizer. Sometimes a moisturizer can cause an outbreak so if that happens you may want to look for another product.
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Why don't you still stay young while you can? All my girls at my school go crazy of beauty products. Don't get me wrong if you need them use them but don't go over board, it will make your face look "oily" looking.
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Why do you have a problem on your face?  I think you need to maintain it always clean and avoid putting any regimen because your too young for that and it can result skin rashes or worse.

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