What Are The Daily Duties Of A Plastic Surgeon?


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It really depends on the type of cosmetic surgery that he or she specializes in, and how he or she wants to structure their day.  Some cosmetic procedures, for example cosmetic fillers or Botox injections, do not take very long, maybe 10-15 minutes. Other facial procedures take longer than that, but are not as extensive as traditional cosmetic surgery, for example laser resurfacing or dermabrasions may be done in under a half hour if you are only doing a smaller section of the face. Other procedures are like any other surgery and take several hours, such as face lifts, implants, nose jobs, that type of thing. Some cosmetic surgeries such as body lifts are extremely intense and may take most of a day.

So, much of a cosmetic surgeon's day will be spent working on patients,
either in an office (for less invasive procedures) or at a hospital or
clinic. A cosmetic surgeon also spends much of his or her day in
consultations, in other works meeting patients who are considering
cosmetic surgery to discuss their options, to go over cost and
financing, etc. Cosmetic surgeons also spend time on follow-up care,
meeting with the patient after the surgery to make sure things are
progressing as they should.
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There are two types of plastic surgeon. One does cosmetic surgery to remove imagined blemishes in a person's appearance; the other does restorative surgery, usually following some kind of physical trauma.

Of the two, I should think the cosmetician is more likely to become wealthy.

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