What Are The Duties Of A Shampooist?


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This may depend on the type of salon the shampoo assistant is working in and if they are undergoing any training to ultimately become qualified as a hair stylist. In some salons, a shampoo assistant may carry out a number of different duties while in others, they may only be responsible for one or two tasks.

Taking this into consideration the following list of duties may only be applied to certain shampoo assistants:

  • As the name suggests, a shampoo assistant or 'shampooist' is normally employed to shampoo and wash clients' hair. While washing the hair, they may apply shampoo, conditioner and perhaps other conditioning treatments. In some more expensive salons, shampoo assistants may also give clients relaxing head massages while washing their hair.
  • Keeping the floors tidy by sweeping up hair from haircuts. They may also clean mirrors to remove any grubby finger prints and will ensure the surrounding area is kept tidy for when the client arrives.
  • Depending on the salon, they may make drinks for clients and may bring them a magazine.
  • General cleaning duties such as cleaning out the bins and ensuring the rest rooms are kept tidy may also fall under the job description.
  • If there is no receptionist, the shampoo assistant may also have to greet customers, make appointments and answer the phone.

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