Does Tanning Help Hide Stretch Marks?


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so-eun jung answered
The simple answer to this one is slightly...

1. Bio Oil. It's been used in Korea for years. And bio oil works best on red stretch marks.

2. Cocoa butter. The trick is to warm up the skin first.
So, use it right after you shower. Massage it into the
skin in the same direction as the scar is lined up.

3. Tri-Lastin SR. This is the "secret" formula used in so
many stretch mark creams. You can buy it in its pure
form in almost any health food store.

4. Slight tanning does seem to help some white stretch
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natalie johnson answered
I would agree with what Eslcity said. I have heard lots of great things about cocoa butter being used by pregnant women who want to prevent stretch marks.

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