Hey, I'm 13 and have stretch marks on my boobs, it's really difficult to hide and I can't wear any low cut things or swimming costumes even! Is there anyway to get rid of them or at least hide and fade them?


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Your still so young to be worrying about that kind of stuff. You need to focus more on growing!! 

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Just give it some time. That happened to me, but I didn't worry about it much, and they faded over time

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They are very common in girls and happen when your breasts are growing. Nothing to worry about. 

The likelihood is that they will never completely go away. You can try all sorts of creams and lotions.

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Stretchmarks are really common, and probably because you're growing rapidly they're appearing on the surface of your breast. Depending at which stage you are at,  it is possible to make them fade away or at least hide them and prevent new ones. It's not possible to eliminate them completely though, as far as I know but you can greatly reduce them.

Probably with growth, your skin stretched, the collagen weakened so the production cycle of your skin was damaged. To restore the balance is important to take care of your skin in those areas, you don't need to spend tons of money on products but you should apply creams and natural oils daily and exfoliate weekly.

It is also important to eat healthy foods and get a good dose of vitamins through the food, especially  vitamin E, C and minerals like zinc.

As other people suggested, products like cocoa butter, aloe vera, and also oils like this one (it seems like it has good reviews) might be helpful. Try to use mostly natural products as they won't harm your skin. Here are also some natural remedies you can try at home to reduce the appearance of stretchmarks.

Seeing that you're young and still growing I wouldn't worry too much about extreme therapies. Of course, you should take care of your skin daily, but I think you should be free to wear bikinis, swimming suits, and low cut things. Stretchmarks are quite common and you can take care of them but ultimately they are a part of your beautiful body. Learn to love them and yourself! Hope this helps!

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Hi there.  Take lemon with warm water, again, use lemon juice to rub your skin.

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They turn white eventually. Just don't sweat it. Unless you're African. In which case you will still be able to see them when they turn white.

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