What is your definition of beautiful, hot, good looking, ugly and cute? (girls and guys please specify which gender your talking about)


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I am a girl. I have a really wide range of what's attractive. But first and foremost, good hygiene and personality play into role. And I like light blue eyes, but brown eyes are very sweet too. I like longer hair, but not like super super long, only on some people. I think curly hair, like short fros is super cute on guys. I think a guy should be taller and bigger than me, I like to feel protected and safe in his arms. Ok not a twig, but not overly muscular. A good smile is definitely cute. I like tanned guys. And if you look up Mitchell Davis, I think he is like the cutest person ever. Sorry for my answer being so long lol like a said I have a huge range.. Oh and I think all hair colors are good. But Blonde hair blue eyes are super cute, red hair and green eyes, blue eyes and brown hair is cute. :D
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Describing appearance is hard you know. Everyone has a wide variety of what they call beautiful, hot, good looking, ugly, and cute. There isn't just one definite person who fits in each category for each person so it would hard to describe. For example, (I must admit) I think that some guys are hot but when you take all of the guys who I think is hot together in one room, you'll see that they're very different so there isn't an exact way of describing what I consider as hot.
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Beautiful is every single girl in the world, hot is the chilli sauce in my kitchen, good looking is when I'm about to go out, ugly doesnt exist on humans, and cute is babies=) (and sometimes skaterboys=P)
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What I find attractive in men is their personality and intelligence level. I know it may seem odd, but looks aren't much of a priority to me. Sure I want a guy who's at least decent looking and healthy (he doesn't have to be super athletic with abs and all muscular, just healthy). Even if I don't find him that attractive at first, if I get to know him and like him for who he is, I will overlook what I found unattractive appearance-wise in him and like him even more. I don't even have a specific look I'm attracted to. Any hair color, eye color, and nationality is completely fine with me.

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Looks are at the bottom of my list I don't care what she looks as long as she knows who she is what she wants and how to get it she also loves herself but is not consided.  A sexy voice is a plus, I don't want no really skinny girls, I like them with a little meat on their bones. Dark hair brown eyes behind her glasses I find glasses hot.  And a few little freckles on the bridge of her nose.

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