Why caterpillars need to shed their skin when they grow bigger but we humans do not?


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Ray Dart Profile
Ray Dart answered
Believe it or not, humans do shed skin. We are doing it continuously. Every living cell in the body is replaced on a regular basis and skin cells are replaced on about a monthly basis. In a month's time you'll have a whole new skin!

Best not to worry too much about what happens to the old skin cells.
Eleanor jones Profile
Eleanor jones answered
We shed about 40,ooo ( 40 thousand ) skin cells each MINUTE from our skin  .In fact house dust is mainly dead skin cells. When the sun is shining and we can see little bits floating around in its rays,  they are dead skin cells. Uggh!!!! Doesnt bear thinking about does it??? We do this all our lives. But we are unaware of it as we cannot see the drama unfolding on us like on such as caterpillars ( or the regular unfolding dramas on blurtit!!!!! Lol )

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