Can Make-up Cause An Eye Inflammation?


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Human eye is a very sensitive part of the body, eye make-up is very common in women of all ages for this purpose there are hundreds of cosmetics available on the cosmetics counters, including world famous brands of eye make-up. All famous and regular brands may cause of allergic reaction and eye inflammation. Material in cosmetics can cause an allergic reaction or inflammation in some peoples, conveniently special brands of make-up are available for people with excessively sensitive skin. However there are people who can not wear any kind of make-up at all.

Nearly all of the eye make-up and cosmetics are containing preservatives, but over the time, the cosmetics may nonetheless become contaminated with skin bacteria transferred by applicators and make-up brushes. Bacteria then multiply in the container, thus it is important to dispose of eye make-up from time to time. Never take up or lend eye make-up or applicators, and avoid using the eye make-up samples at cosmetics counters. If your eyes do become infected, stop using all kinds of make-up and dispose of all the cosmetics that you have been using. This avoids the risk of re-infecting your self. Also keep in mind that your towel and flannels can carry infection, so making absolutely sure that members of your family avoid using and touching them.
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Yes,it would especially cause an eye inflammation when the makeup is done near the eyes.You must be really careful when applying make up near the eyes or when you're drawing eye liner.This is because our eyes are very sensitive,if no proper care is taken when applying make up around the eyes,it will cause your eyes to be infected.
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Old eye make up, especially mascara and eye liner can cause irritation and inflammation.

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