How Does Lady Gaga's Hair Fall Out When She Always Wears Wigs? She Has Never Dyed Her Hair, Or Has She?


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Lady Gaga's hair certainly is falling out- and it is partly due to her habit of dyeing her hair platinum blonde.

Whilst she does wear wigs sometimes, this won't prevent the hair loss she's experiencing which is caused by continuously putting chemicals in her hair.

Is Lady Gaga's hair falling out?

The hair on all of our heads is constantly falling out and being replaced by new hair. This is no different for Lady Gaga (real name Stephanie Germanotta).

In fact, the platinum-haired pop star is probably more at risk of losing her hair because of the way she treats it.

The peroxide (and other dyes) that she uses on her hair probably damage her locks to such an extent that she might soon need to wear her wigs 24/7 to cover up the bald patches.

According to this Daily Mail article, Gaga follows a rather grueling beauty regime that really takes its toll on her hair - and although Gaga is known for her elaborate wigs, wearing a wig doesn't necessarily prevent hair loss.

To see evidence of just how much Lady Gaga has tampered with her natural hair- why not check out this video of Stephanie Germanotta appearing on MTV's Boiling Points before she became Lady Gaga.

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Hayden Hansen answered
She bleaches her hair blonde, I think she used to wear blonde wigs in like 2007/2008.

She's a natural brunette, but I think she bleached it to not be mistaken for another singer - I think it might have been Amy Winehouse?

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