Can The Type Of Pillow Cases Which You Sleep On Really Make A Difference To Your Hair?


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Your pillow cases can indeed have an affect on your hair. For example, if you have greasy hair and you lie on a silky pillow case, it will make the problem worse. This is because it will not soak into the pillow case and it will spread to other parts of your hair and onto your skin. It is always better to use cotton pillow cases if you do have greasy hair, but always remember to wash them regularly!

If you have dry, damaged hair however, then silky pillow cases may be for you. This is because if you are suffering from hair loss, cotton pillow cases tend to cause the hair to stick to them and they literally drag the hair from the roots. This can make the problem worse and so having silky pillows is a much better idea as the hair just slides over it.

Overall the types of pillows you have do make a difference to your hair and they all need to be washed regularly to keep them clean.

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