I look younger for my age, I'm 25 What can I do to make myself look older. I just want to be myself and don't want to be mistaken for 18. Help?


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Arthur Wright answered
All I can say from experience in being there once and now am a lot older is enjoy it while you have it as it wont and doesnt last forever and once gone, its gone forever
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Miss Ms answered
I look really young for my age too and it really annoys me. I don't really know how to help but I got my hair cut a bit shorter and apparently it makes me look a bit more grown up, ha! I bet people say the same thing to you that they say to me- you'll appreciate looking young when you're much older!
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sabina iqbal
sabina iqbal commented
Yes it is really annoying, yes they do say the same lol suppose it a good thing when we are going to be older
lloyd dailey
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If your a guy then grow a beard. That will make you look older.
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Hilary Newton answered
You could try wearing a hair net and Paisley patterned pinny.with matching slippers,that should do the trick,
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Tony Newcastle
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Brilliant! .......whilst looking at an old black-and-white photo of Ena Sharples of 'Corrie' fame, maybe?

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