I Am Looking For The Best Korean Jewellery, Where Can I Buy It From?


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Korean jewellery is a broad term that can apply to everything from the trendy and modern jewellery sported by fashionable Koreans nowadays, through to the precious gemstones worn by the aristocratic Koreans of the past.

If you're looking for modern Korean jewellery, the internet is awash with various sites, sellers and wholesalers who offer an array of designs ranging from youthful uber-cool to chic haute couture.

Sophisticated history of Korean jewellery Historically, Koreans associated different styles of dress with social status - like many other countries - and jewellery had an important part to play in this.

Historically, the Korean ruling classes and Royal Family would wear jewellery to complement their colorful (but rather awkward) costumes. The upper classes saw expensive jewellery as a way of distancing themselves from the commoners.

Typical Korean jewellery consisted of wearing a pendant hanging around the neck, made from a tassel of silk. The pendant was meant to represent an element of nature, usually in the form of a precious gemstone.

Looking for some breath-taking Korean jewellery?
Try to picture the scene: You're walking down a bustling, neon-lit street in the middle of Seoul, the smells of mouthwatering Korean dishes like Bulgogi and Bibimbap are wafting out from the restaurants and there are cute little boutique shops lining the side-walk. Suddenly, your eye is caught by the glimmer of jewellery and, before you know it, you're trying on necklaces and bracelets in every style you can possible imagine.

Sounds like heaven? Whilst no website can replicate the buzz of a major Korean shopping district like Insadong, what internet retailers can do is offer you the latest designs catching the eye of Korean shoppers.

The internet is awash with shopping sites like 'Alibaba Korean Showroom' where you'll be able to browse a wide offering of Korean jewellery.

But if it's glitz and glam you're after, my favorite choice would be J.Estina which has one outlet in New York, several in Korea, and a dazzling online-store.
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Koreans really have an incredible sense of style and they are great at putting together any outfit and even the most frilly and luxurious jewelry. That is why I believe that many of us should learn from them the ability to dress properly by following the latest fashion. Fortunately, now we have the opportunity to buy Korean fashion jewelry online from shops such as JewelryBund or from your local fashion jewelry stores. You can find a whole lot of beautiful jewelry that looks very beautiful and can make any of your looks even brighter.

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As far as I know korean-jewelry.com is the most famous place where you can buy Korean jewelry and they are the largest wholesale supplier of Korean jewelry. So it will be good if you give them a try.

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